Gancho Wrap Reverse

Leaders & Followers: Have you noticed yet that this dance is all about communicating with your partner? Asked in this light it seems like a silly question, yet there are times we move without our partners. I see it all the time in all levels of dancers. I do myself if I have a moment of preoccupation or distraction. Or there are times when I might assume my partner knows what this move is going to be because we do it all the time. These are the moments in which communication and a good clear gentle lead is very important.

Try to make sure you have a good plan, the presence of mind to execute the next planned move and then methodically move through each aspect of this type of movement.

Leaders: Be sure you are brining your partner onto her own axis and the ball of her foot. Be sure you rotate her BEFORE you lead the gancho or leg wrap. Her pelvis must be facing the direction of the wrapping knee!

Followers: Be sure you are listening to the leader as he places you on your own axis. Be sure you are on the ball of your foot and available to pivot so your ganchos are crisp and comfortable.

See you next week for more fun with the many facets of ocho cortado!!

Love & Light,
Rusty & Jo

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